Mayhem Mustangs began as an idea in the fall of 2006, as a club to bring Mustang lovers of all kinds together to share their knowledge and passion with each other by Rob Basile and Jeremy Marler.

Word spread quickly via flyers through out the UNC Charlotte area, and our first meet was held in the Spring of 2007.  With a group of 10 original members, Mayhem Mustangs was making themselves known, and heard, in the University area of Charlotte. After our first semester of meeting, a forum was setup and business cards were printed to spread the word and gain new members.  In the Spring of 2008, we showed at our first car show, the Food Lion Auto Fair.

In 2010, a committee of 6 members was put together to draft the clubs first constitution.  After a year of drafting, the constitution was finished and in the fall of 2011, Mayhem held it's first election for officers.

Since 2007, Mayhem has grown leaps and bounds, gaining new members, attending more car shows, donating to local charities, and gaining new sponsors.  In 2008, Mayhem welcomed Pro Dyno and Detail Dave as sponsors, who shared in our same passion and have helped us grow tremendously.

In 2011, Mayhem Mustangs made national headlines, when Co-Founder Jeremy Marler won the "Name the Performance Package" contest put on by Ford for the upcoming 3.7 Mustang Performance Package.  The winning name was "The Mayhem Mustang Package."

In 2013, Mayhem was continuing to grow and found itself including Lightnings, SVT vehicles, and ST vehicles.  With this inclusion of new performance vehicles, it was voted on to change the name officially to Mayhem Mustangs & Fast Fords.

As Mayhem moves forward and continues to grow, it is our passionate members that make the club what it is today!

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